Чистая энергия красоты и здоровья

важные микроэлементы для всей семьи

Населен – it is a complex of functional nutrition products to provide the body with energy.

        The Populated complex includes dietary supplements of plant origin - these are the preparations Jotrin and Sauvit, which incorporate the energy of air, water and earth. And with the help of modern technologies they were able to be made effective, safe and convenient to use.

       Each of the drugs has been successfully used for more than 20 years to restore the normal content of iodine (Yotrin) and selenium (Sauvit) in the body. The first experience of their joint use was made in 2010 in the medical centers of Kazakhstan. Since 2011, both drugs have already been produced at the same pharmaceutical factory in Almaty and stood nearby at the pharmacy counters.

Endocrinologists showed particular interest in the Jotrin + Sauvit complex, who enriched their successful experience in using Sauvit in diabetes mellitus with the long-term effective practice of Russian colleagues who widely used Jotrin in iodine deficiency diseases (goiter, atherosclerosis, circulatory system disorders).

      Many years of experience in the cooperation of doctors, scientists, manufacturers of Russia and Kazakhstan became the basis for the emergence of a new technology for the presentation of functional nutrition products. The manufacturer Yotrina - the company "Ekar" - registered the trademark "POPULATION" for combining 2 products in one package. And this means: the idea of ​​optimal regulation of energy exchange is embodied in the entire chain of biochemical transformations of the body - from the thyroid gland to each mitochondria *.

In one package POPULATED - yotrin No. 360 + sauvit No. 120

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